How long has the APCO Foundation been running?

The APCO Foundation was established in 2013 as a result of the APCO family realising they could make a difference in the communities around them by combining the strength of their convenience stores, their corporate partners and portions of sales from products to raise money.

Who does the APCO Foundation help?

The APCO Foundation helps those in need in the communities around our stores all over Victoria and into NSW. Every store has a grant to give to a project, family, or organization that they think needs support. The APCO Foundation board also receives applications from individuals, families, projects, and charities in the areas around us.

What is the grants process?

The APCO Foundation raises funds from within the Victorian communities and allocates them on a monthly basis via our Board. There is an application form for organizations and individuals that can be filled out or you can email us with a request to foundation@apco.com.au
The APCO Foundation is a local, autonomous not-for-profit organisation, with our own volunteer Board of Directors who all have different strengths and have an understanding of the issues facing our local communities. Click here to learn more about the Board of Directors on The APCO Foundation website.
For the 2021 Chairperson's report, click here.

Why donate to the APCO Foundation?

Your donation helps people in our APCO communities facing challenging times. We try to help immediately in a crisis and spread kindness throughout our local regions. When you donate to us, 85% of your donation is used to help someone in crisis, someone who is hungry, someone who is ill, someone who is unable to get help anywhere else. We are the umbrella for those who may slip through the cracks.

How do I know that my donation will help those who need it most?

The money raised and distributed by The APCO Foundation must be approved by our Board and we establish proof of need before applications are approved.