The APCO app is a mobile application provided by APCO, designed to enhance your experience at APCO service stations and Cafe24-7.

The APCO app offers various features, including locating nearby APCO service stations, fuel making mobile payments, accessing special offers and discounts, and ordering from APCO Cafe24-7.

Pre-order food, Pay for Fuel at the pump, find your nearest APCO cafe24-7 and much more.

For Apple users: Search ‘APCO App’ in the Apple App Store to download.

For Android users: Search ‘APCO App’ in the Google Play Store to download.

Ensure that you have a network connection before downloading the APCO App.

You will need to Register to take advantage of the APCO App.

To Register to use the APCO App, download the APCO App. Open the app, select sign up and follow the prompts to register.

The APCO App supports Apple devices (iOS 6.0 or later) and Android smartphones (Android 4.0 and up). The APCO App does not support Windows or Blackberry devices.

If you are experiencing issues downloading the APCO App to your phone, follow the below steps.

Shutdown the app and restart 2. Restart your device 3. Ensure your phone has been updated to the latest software. 4. Check that you have an active network connection. Some Wi-Fi networks may require you to sign in before accessing the network.

If you have forgotten your password, select the ‘Forgot Password’ prompt on the log in screen and follow the instructions.

Location services are used to locate your nearest APCO when using pay at the pump.

If you no longer wish to use the APCO App, just uninstall the app.

In the unlikely event that the app displays a network or certificate error, please close the app, force stop and then open it again. This will reboot the app and should solve the issue.

Open the APCO App and click ‘My Account’. Now, click on ‘My Receipts’ to see a history of both your café and fuel purchases. To download, find the receipt you want, click the down arrow and select ‘Send Email’. Enter your email, click send and you’re done!

If you want an automatic email every time you make a purchase through the APCO App, click on ‘My Account’ and then ‘Payment Cards’. Now, choose the card you want receipts for and make sure the ‘Auto-email receipt’ switch is turned on. Easy!


You can pre-order cafe24-7 food, hot and cold café beverages and cold drinks.

Unfortunately once an order has been placed through the APCO App, the location is unable to be changed. Once an order is placed it is automatically sent through to the store.

Once an order has been placed through the APCO App, the pick-up time is unable to be changed.

You have the option to collect from the counter or drive-thru where available. Just specify the location when placing your order.

Yes, there is an 'order it again' option in the café tab, which will reorder your latest in-app order.
You also have the option to reorder any previous order, just go to 'my receipts' in my account tab, select the receipt that you want to reorder and tap on 'order it again'

Yes, you can schedule an order for a later time or date.
If you wish to change the scheduled time, you will need to cancel the order and place the order again with the updated time. This will only be possible before the store accepts the order.
If your order has been accepted but not prepared, you can contact the store via phone and ask if the time can still be changed.

No, at this stage they will accumulate separately. You will need to complete all stamps on the app to redeem a free coffee on the app.

These vary from store to store, please refer to the store's information on the app to learn what their opening hours are.

We have a pre-authorisation payment model for café orders, this means that as soon as an order is placed, the amount is reserved from your account.

If you cancel your order, we will release the reserved funds immediately, but depending on your financial institution, this may take up to 48 hours to reflect on your account. Please get in touch with us if the transaction still appears as pending on your account.

No, If you have an order pending at a store, you can only place additional orders at that same store.

Yes, you can change stores before you place an order. However, if the items in your basket are not available at the new store, they will be marked as unavailable and you'll need to remove them from the basket.

The APCO app offers a selection of food and beverages from our Cafe24-7 menu, such as coffee, snacks, sandwiches, and more.

From time to time the app might provide exclusive discounts, and offers when ordering from the café or fuelling through the app. Check the app for more details.

You can customise your café-made drinks like coffee and tea. Food items are not customisable.

Just purchase 7 hot cafe beverages (excluding combos and promotions) using the APCO App and you will receive a regular hot beverage for free. This will automatically appear in the app, just order a regular hot beverage and, if eligible, you won’t be charged. Please note, alterations and additions will incur charges. Cold cafe beverages are not included in this offer.


The ‘Fuel’ feature allows our customers to pay for their fuel in the app, so they won't need to go into store to pay for their fuel.

You simply select the pump number, the grade you need and the amount you want to fuel. You then authorise the payment with your payment method, and then fill up your vehicle's tank. The payment is processed once you finish pumping.

You need to be at an APCO servo. On the APCO app, go to the Fuel tab, tapon READY TO FUEL fuel now then select the pump number (located at the pump), select your grade and the amount you'd like to fuel or fill, then just tap on FUEL NOW. Only after you've completed these steps is when you can lift the hose to begin fuelling.

Yes, you can select a pre-set amount or fill. When a pre-set amount is not reached (e.g. fuelling is interrupted before it gets to the amount), you will only be charged the amount you have actually fuelled.

You can fuel at any of our APCO Service Stations. Simply navigate to the 'Find' tab and browse the map or list view to see all available APCO fuel stations in your vicinity.

In the unlikely event you pay for someone else’s fuel, you will still be required to go in-store to pay for any fuel you have pumped into your own vehicle.

The APCO App accepts AMEX, Mastercard and VISA.

The general fuel price is displayed in the fuel tab.
When you redeem an offer: the displayed price in the app will stay the same, however, at the end of the transaction your receipt will show the charged price which includes the discount.

If you lift a different hose that's not the one you selected on the app, you won't be able to fuel with that hose. Once you hang the wrong hose and lift the correct one, you will be able to fuel.

Yes. The App authorises the pump to pour fuel from a specific hose, this hose needs to be lifted and pumping must commence within 3 minutes from when you tap 'pump fuel' on the app.

Not at this stage. This is a functionality that we're working on but it's still not available.